Strategies for disruptive behaviours

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Strategies for handling disruptive behaviors

Behaviour Description Strategy
Disruptive talking Students misbehave shouting, complaining about what others are doing and comment about non-sense things in order to get attention.
  • Establish clear rules from the beginning and socialize them with the group.
  • Remember the rules in a firm way when there is a disruption.
  • Fill in a behaviour chart where students have to register the amount positive behaviors and disruptions in class to self evaluate.
Interruptive talking Students talk about non-related things.

Students what to participate without taking turns.

Students do not give up the turn for their classmates to participate.

  • Use visual aids for students to observe how their behaviour should be.
  • Reinforce turn taking encouraging students to listen and respect their classmates’ turn.
  • Avoid listening to students that are interrupting for them to take turns to be listened. 
Clowning Disruptive behavior where the student wants to focus attention on him/her by doing things to make their classmates laugh and stop working.
  • Establish a behaviour protocol for respect.
  • Establish class routines where students have to follow directions and keep focused on the activities.
  • Talk to the clown students and sigh a contract.
Being discourteous Students who are rude with their classmates and teachers.
  • Talk to the student in order to find out the reason form him/her to be discourteous.
  • Use a red card for the student to turn his/her bad language in to a nicer one (Ex. I should not say … I should say…)
Failing to clean up Students who fail keeping their things tidy.
  • Establishing rules from the beginning.
  • Giving them examples of how to do it.
  • Talk to parents for them to follow the same routines at home.
  • Evaluate their performance constantly.
Bullying/fighting Students go intentionally misbehave in order to cause pain in to their classmates.
  • Stop bullying when it is beginning.
  • Set a clear policy about bullying at school.
  • Develop self esteem to strength them and be able to stop bullying when it is beginning.  

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