Refusing to participate in class

Students who refuse to participate orally in front of others in class.

My action plan

1.    What is the problem?

Students who are reluctant to participate in class activities when they have to do it in from of others.

2.    What is causing the problem?

Refusing to participate happens because of two reasons:

  1. Shyness
  2. Social anxiety disorder
  • Shy students will not refuse participating in any kind of situation where they are asked to, but will not do it spontaneously.
  • Students with social phobia prefer not to participate in any activity where they have to perform in front of others, even if it is mandatory. These students fear humiliation.

3. What will I plan to solve the problem?

  1. State the rules for behaviour   and respect from the beginning of the   academic year.

Rules in my classroom ‘wiggly the worm of the rules’

a)    Sit properly

b)    Pay attention

c)    Be quiet

d)    Listen to the person that is talking

e)    Raise your hand if you want to talk

f)       Be on time

g)    Keep the classroom tidy

h)    Raise your hand if you need to stand up

 Emphasize on the importance of respecting others (no bullying)

  2. Incorporate social skill activities in the lesson plan.

3. Present activities with interesting topics for students.

4. Place students in groups with supportive classmates (respectful).

5. Do not allow students to avoid their performance but help them do it briefly and providing positive feedback.

6. Maintain positive, supportive and safe classroom environment.

7. Offer ample encouragement to students.

8. Highlight the students’ strengths in the classroom.

Do not allow peer to correct their classmates.


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