My classroom

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My Classroom

  • Rules and regulations: I constructed the specific rules for the class bearing in mind the most frequent difficulties.

Rules in my classroom ‘wiggly the worm of the rules’

a)    Sit properly

b)    Pay attention

c)    Be quiet

d)    Listen to the person that is talking

e)    Raise your hand if you want to talk

f)       Be on time

g)    Keep the classroom tidy

h)    Raise your hand if you need to stand up

  • Regulations in the classroom:

Students are helped to regulate their behavior by:

Keeping a record of the minutes they spend to get organized and ready for the class.

Giving them reward with happy faces when their teams are working adequately.

Giving them the chance to express their difficulties in a written way to avoid class interruption and stimulate them to write.

  • Routines:

Establish routines for everyday activities

Vocabulary Behaviour Attendance Daily agenda-schedule


  • Homework:
  • Explain to students
  • How the homework is
  • Due date
  • Format
  • For more information see Failing to bring materials and homework to class.

Beginning a day of class

Time Activity
7.00 Greet students at the door
7.10 Remind them about routines on how to organize their books and materials.
7.30 Start developing daily routines including rules, vocabulary, attendance, and schedule.


  • Close every activity evaluating student knowledge with a dynamic activity to see if they are ready to use it or if it requires practice

Participation and behaviour when tasks are complete:

  • Elicit students’ participation constantly by giving all of them the chance to give their opinions.
  • Be explicit about turn taking to avoid the pop corn effect.
  • Remind students about listening skills in order to have successful communication.
  • Give students the opportunity to have silent reading, writing diaries and extra activities when they finish before time and remind them the rules for behaviour on task in order to avoid interruptions.

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