Failure to complete classroom assignments

Students who are not capable of finishing activities due to their lack of attention or need of more time.

What is the problem?

Students find it difficult to complete classroom assignments, are frequently behind and need extra time to finish their activities.

What is causing the problem?

Students find difficult to finish their tasks because:

  • Lack attention
  • Learning disabilities
  • Lack of interest
  • Lack of understanding

What will I plan to solve the problem?

  1. Establish clear working routines and procedures from the beginning of the academic year and for each lesson.
  2. Observe students performance in every class.
  3. Send written reports to parents for them to know the situation and get to know if it happens at home as well.
  4. Breaks tasks into smaller ones.
  5. Re- teach topics.
  6. Implement corrective instruction.
  7. Provide constant feedback.
  8. Provide students with extra time.
  9. Give students second chances to show their progress.
  10. Modify tasks and activities in order to encourage students.

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