Failing to bring materials or homework to class


Students who forget, lack interest or lack attention to bring materials or homework to class.

What is the problem?

Students are frequently pending or missing materials and homework in class.

What is causing the problem?

  • There are not routines at home.
  • Students do not pay attention in class.
  • Students do not write their homework in their agendas.

 What will I plan to solve the problem?

  1. Plan lessons carefully.
  2. Train students to be responsible.
  3. Help students internalize the use of the homework tracker (agenda.
  4. Make sure students understand the topic and have enough practice to start working independently.
  5. Make sure students understand homework.
  6. Re- teach if there are doubts.
  7. Send homework students can do on their own.
  8. If students do not bring it, observe to see what the difficulty is (lack of understanding, lack of attention or lack of support at home).
  9. Talk to parents to see if there is any special situation to take into account at home.
  10. Praise their work when they can do it.
  11. Use charts for students to keep a record of the homework they bring with a special code: green-homework complete and on time, yellow- homework late and red-did not bring homework.
                                     Homework completition chart
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Math X        
Science   X   X  
Spanish     X    

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